Rwanda: Athletes Told to Forget IOC Money

The New Times (Kigali)

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Bonnie Mugabe

Rwanda National Olympic Committee has told local athletes (who competed in the ongoing Beijing Olympic Games) not to even think of getting their hands of the money provided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for athletes who take in Olympic Games.

Rwanda's Chef de Mission to the Beijing Games told Times Sport yesterday that the $1200 (Frw0.66 million) given to the local Olympic Committee for each athlete who participates in the Olympic Games does not go directly to the athletes but to the NOC to prepare them for the next Games.

"IOC gives $1200 to each athlete who takes part in the Games but the money doesn't go directly to the athlete, instead it is goes to National Olympic Committee to prepare them (athletes)," Thierry Ntwali stated.

He added, "In simple words, the money is participation fee for the NOCs for taking part in the Games not the athletes," Ntwali said.

Ntwali further added Rwandan athletes were informed earlier before heading to Beijing to forget about the IOC money.

During the former regime of Gideon Rudahugwa, athletes who took part in the Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000 Olympic Games were given $1200 each for their participation.

But things changed when the current administration led by Igance Beraho took office with the IOC money for the 2004 Athens going into the RNOC coffers.

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"In the past the athletes were given that money (IOC money) as pocket money but now the athletes were given their pocket money as they came to Beijing Games," Ntwali clarified.

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