Rwanda�s balance of payment up
Sunday, 24th August, 2008

By George Kalisa
in Kigali

RWANDA�S balance of payment increased to $110.45m (sh178.9b) in 2007 versus $81.52m (sh132b) in 2006, representing a 26.2% rise, the 2007 Economic Review report has shown.

Balance of payment measures payments that flow between one country and other countries.

The trend was due to significant increase in inflows in financial capital and transactions. The inflows were mainly in form of budget support and foreign loan disbursements to the various projects.

Privatisation of Rwandatel Company at $100m of which 50% was disbursed in 2007 and recapitalisation of the Rwandan banks were other sources of the inflows. The minimum share capital was raised from 1.5 to 5 billion Rwandese francs.

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