The 8 Qualities of Winning Companies

1. They manage for value, not income. Get residual income. Only 30% of entrepreneurs manage to sell their business and get 60% less than they think it's worth.

2. Create a bedrock position—a defensible brand or positioning that everyone else compares against. Must reset the buying criteria in my favor so the world must follow or they go out of business.

3. Create a pre-emptive strategy. Create a core story and become the market's only logical choice.

4. Develop closed-loop management. My marketing funnel warms people up and then the marketing team passes them off to the sales team. Must automate the process to warm people so that they are ready to buy when a salesman calls.

5. Investing in Current clients. Create new products and services for existing clients and invest in marketing to them. It's easier to sell a current client than a new one. Ask them the question: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to refer my company to a colleague or a friend?" Then follow up with "Why did you answer the way you did?" This will be the only customer satisfaction survey you will ever need to manage.

6. Realize that my on-line extension is not just a website. It magnifies my processes, good or bad. Also realize that the number one way to find a website (58% of all hits) comes from directly typing in the URL. Therefore, it's about finding ways to teach people my URL and is not just search engine optimization.

7. Create diverse leadership teams. 

8. Create scalable, light-touch business systems. I must invest in systems that put my business on auto-pilot (also so that no one falls through the cracks and everyone is cared for properly).

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