Archbishops of Southern Cone, Kenya, Rwanda and West Indies add support for Bishop Bob Duncan

Editor's Note:  Notes and letters of support for Bishop Duncan and the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh are pouring in from laity and clergy all over the world.  The latest statements of support come from the Anglican leaders of the provinces of Rwanda, the West Indies, Kenya and the Southern Cone.   As more statements are issued in the coming days, I will post them at the new diocesan website dedicated to sharing the supportive messages we are receiving from around the world.

A Joint Statement from Archbishops Venables of the Southern Cone, Gomez of the West Indies and Nzimbi of Kenya

In the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen. We the undersigned are grieved at the violation of catholic order in the declaration of deposition of The Right Rev. Robert Duncan by the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church and consider it to be invalid. Legitimate actions of catholic order must rise from Biblical catholic faith. Actions such as this continue to alienate countless Christian people not only within, but beyond the limits of the Communion. We continue to recognize the fidelity and validity of Bishop Duncan's orders, role, and ministry. Without reservation, we continue in full sacramental communion with him as an Anglican bishop. We thank God that by the vote of the Provincial Synod he has been given membership in the House of Bishops of the Southern Cone. Our fellowship and shared ministry with him is not disrupted.
Yours in Christ, 
The Most Rev Gregory Venables
The Most Rev Drexel Gomez
The Most Rev Benjamin Nzimbi

From Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda:

17 September 2008

News is circulating around the United State and the Anglican Communion that the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops is likely to depose the Rt. Rev. Duncan, Bishop of Pittsburgh, this week at a special meeting. I have known and worked with Bishop Duncan for a number of years, and I know him to be a godly man.

As he faces this time of trial, I encourage him to remember that he is not being deposed by God, but only by man. He will remain very much a part of the new work that God is creating within Anglicanism. In addition, he and his family will remain in my thoughts and prayers, and I am confident that the Lord will bless Bishop Duncan in this new season of ministry.
I am reminded of Joseph's words to his brothers that are recorded in Genesis.  <<But as for you, you meant evil against me ; but God meant it for good…. >>  (Genesis 50 : 20a, New King James Version). May this also be true for Bishop Duncan as he continues his faithful service to God and the Church.
Most Reverend Emmanuel Kolini
Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda

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