Britannia to Open Distribution Centres
New Vision (Kampala)

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Patrick Jaramogi

BRITANNIA Allied Industries is to open new distribution centres in Kampala worth sh200m.

The firm's general manager (marketing), K.R. Sridharan, told journalists at the factory in Ntinda, Kampala that the new distribution outlets would take services nearer to the people.

"Our goal is have our customers access our products with ease. That is why we are opening these new outlets," he said.

Sridharan said the outlets would be operational by the end of this month in all the five divisions of Kampala.

He said that besides taking their products nearer to the people, a number of Ugandans would be employed.

"The roll-out is also aimed at thanking our clients," he added.

In July, the company said that it needs sh50m for the purchase of mangoes annually.

"We need at least 5,000 tonnes of mangoes annually. However, we get only 800 tonnes. We need 4,000 more. Uganda has the potential to grow more mangoes," Sridharan said.

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"Farmers interested in supplying us with mangoes can come to our factory," he said.

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