International ZIBI Graduate School, Berlin, Germany: Deadline: January 15, 2009

September 28, 2008

International ZIBI Graduate School, Berlin, Germany: Deadline: January 15, 2009: The International ZIBI Graduate School offers outstanding scientific training leading to a doctoral degree.

The application period starts October 1, 2008. The application period ends on January 15, 2009 midnight Central European Time.

International Max Planck Research School for Infectious Diseases and Immunology (IMPRS-IDI)

DFG Graduiertenkolleg (GRK1121): Genetic and Immunologic Determinants of Pathogen- Host-Interactions

The strength of our Graduate School is the diversity of the labs . The school encourages students to conduct independent research using different approaches such as molecular, cellular, and organismal biology. Projects aim to elucidate genetic, biochemical and organismal basis of infections and immune reactions.

The mission of the ZIBI Graduate School is to develop students into creative, responsible and self-confident young researchers.

In a "tailor-made" course program students are introduced to modern scientific practice and to advanced methodology. Particular emphasis is put on the active participation of the students. All students meet regularly to present and discuss their projects. They are highly encouraged to teach a seminar or a course, to invite international guest speakers and to communicate science to public. The students attend at least one international conference to actively present and discuss their data. The school also prepares students for their scientific life after they graduate. For example curricula please refer to our website: www.zibi-graduateschool-berlin.de

The students are the heart of the ZIBI Graduate School.

The ZIBI Graduate School has an active and lively student community. The collegial atmosphere assures that everybody has a productive and memorable time. The annual retreat is a particular highlight. It is organized by the students and both ZIBI faculty and additional guest speakers participate.

Research on infectious diseases and the immune system is a focal point in Berlin.

The ZIBI Graduate School is associated to the Center for Infection Biology and Immunity (ZIBI) founded by scientists working in this field. The scientists are affiliated to well-known institutes such as the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, the Robert Koch Institute, the German Rheumatism Research Center as well as at institutes of the Humboldt University to Berlin, the Free University of Berlin and the Charité – University Medicine Berlin.

Berlin is currently the most interesting European city.

Berlin is a breeding ground not only for science but also for arts, design, fashion, movies, theater, sports and more. Berlin is the multicultural capital of Germany and the political center of the country.

The ZIBI faculty offers two weeks Summer School.

Each summer the faculty, together with invited guest lecturers, holds a forum which offers a comprehensive look into infection biology and immunology. The two weeks include lectures as well as practical courses. This is an excellent way for prospective students to get to know the faculty and laboratories of the school, as well as the city of Berlin. The Summer School is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).



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