Obama Ads are not strong enough! Float Like a butterfly and sting like a bee...but, "Hit Back"

by: aappundit

Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 09:02:25 AM EDT

Who is advising Brack Obama? Hey, Jim Margolis, Why is Obama's media campaign so weak? Maybe Obama needs some grassroots people(of all walks of life) on his campaign staff advising him on what can work for his advertising. Yes, His ads got him to this point, but I have to say... they are not working now.

I agree with Sandy Goodman who recently wrote in the Huffington Post, "John McCain's current ads and comments on Obama are false, ridiculous and beneath contempt. But they are working. The public is lapping up McCain's garbage. And Obama better do something to change that if he wants to be the next president."

Sandy Goodman has lots more to say in the article. One of the most important points is this: "Obama has his work cut out for him. He must find a way to combat McCain's so far successful campaign of character assassination or risk losing the election. This is a year the Democrats should win everything, after eight years of the disasters Republicans have foisted on this country and the world. But remember what happened to John Kerry, a war hero who earned a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts, smeared and beaten by a candidate who used political pull to duck that war and then disappeared for a year instead of putting in his required reserve time; with a runningmate who got five deferments, the last one by hiding in his wife's bed and getting her pregnant. In politics as elsewhere in life, truth, justice and virtue too often don't triumph. Neither will Obama if he doesn't figure out how to combat McCain's gutter campaign."

AAPP: Sandy Goodman is right, Obama has his work cut out for him. From the outside looking in I must say that his media camapign is really weak. Obama needs to rally his base, along with un-happy Republicans and independent swing voters. He needs a strong media campaign and strong surrogates on the campaign trail slicing and dicing the Mccain/Palin lies. Let's hope this new ad (below) is the start of stronger ads to come.

Obama should not go too aggressive himself, or they will say he is an angry black man. yet, he still must get his ads stronger, if he wants to be the next president of our United States.

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