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Uganda is fast turning into a business hub for companies eyeing East Africans as customers because of its strategic position. Uganda is a landlocked country but is well positioned, to directly and competitively serve five other nations. The region is said to have more than one hundred million consumers with, Uganda presenting over 30 million consumers.

Based on this benefit, criterion in addition to its recent tranquillity, Bidco Uganda a vegetable oil producer, has unveiled Fortune a new type vegetable oil, which is considered to be healthier for the body in Uganda but with hope to supply the bloc. Bidco is one of Uganda's giant vegetable oil producers besides Mukwano Industries and has so far invested over, $120 million (Shs195 billion), in Uganda. The money has been made in an edible oil refinery in Jinja, and oil plantation in Kalangala district.

Fortune, which once won the Leading Brand Award in India was unveiled to the Ugandans in Kampala on Saturday.  Fatima Alimohamed, the Team Leader Bidco Uganda said Fortune is a renowned international brand first introduced to the world markets by Wilmer, a major shareholder of Bidco. "This is the first time this brand is coming to East Africa," said Alimohamed at the company's office in Jinja last week.

She said Uganda was chosen as the first market for the product in East Africa because of its strategic location to serve at least five extra markets –including Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and Eastern Congo. "While Kenya is bigger, Uganda has been through a lot in the past but it is showing better prospects for business and is becoming the main hub for East Africa," she said. The oil is currently sold in South East Asia, China, Ukraine, Middle East and Ethiopia. 

Commenting on the Fortune's quality Alimohamed said the oil's strength lies in its durability during use. "It is also cholesterol free and well refined. Its smoke point is very low and you can fry longer in it. If you are frying chips, the oil doesn't spit up like other types of oil," she said. 

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that helps the body to make hormones, Vitamin D and helps it make bile acids, which aid in digestion of fat. Oils with high cholesterol content usually lead to high levels of cholesterol in the blood, can clog blood vessels and increase the risk for heart disease and stroke.

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