Why the RPF Should Win the September Parliamentary Elections
The New Times (Kigali)

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Gariyo Eric

The Rwanda Patriotic Front, (RPF) led government has demonstrated that it has a clear vision for Rwanda, which it has a passionate desire to expeditiously implement. By all standards, it is government's responsibility to provide a conducive atmosphere for meaningful business. Countries that fail in politics cannot have good business.

But stable countries, with set development goals that provide required skills for their citizens cannot fail business. Basing on simple observations; the RPF led government has passionately embraced the policy of creating an enabling business environment and it is seriously pushing hard to achieve its developmental set goals alongside willing Rwandans.

You can better understand the RPF's national achievements, through a historical flash back; remember what transpired in Rwanda before and during 1994?Backwardness, state inspired killings, genocide, despair and many other bad things were our trade mark.

The RPF, transformed the country; from backwardness to prosperity, from a closed economy, to an open market economy, from genocide to a symbiotic relationship and rule of law, from despair to an epitome of hope.

The list to this effect is endless. Though, the journey carries some challenges, but the fact is that we have started and we shall reach our desired destiny as long as a visionary and determined leadership remains at the political apex of this country.

This is why we believe that come the parliamentary elections of the 15th of September, the RPF should be given a green light to keep taking the country to the promised political destiny of vision 2020.

You see; it has the desire to develop the country, the ability to do it, a passionate desire to unite the country, a passionate need to make Rwanda a self reliant nation in the near future, so let us overwhelmingly vote for it so that those dreams are realised.

When governments manage their economies properly, then ,business in those countries succeeds, and the reason why we are able to see some big and serious business companies shaping up in Rwanda is due to the fact that ; the government is managing its policies properly.

The truth is that, the RPF led government has fully understood the trick of creating an enabling business environment managing to attract both local and foreign investors who have actually improved the economy through employment creation, business diversity, increased tax base and hence enriching public finance base.

That way government is able to finance some of its priorities like improving peoples welfare in general. The government in an attempt to create a pool of human resource skills for development, has invested heavily in public education; encouraging private investors to do so in private education. Thus, the number of university graduates is increasing in leaps and bounds.

This policy is seriously addressing the lack of skilled man power in our economy. Among other things therefore, this is why i passionately believe that RPF should be given a big electoral success in the forth coming parliamentary run up for the sustenance of its visionary political line of development.

To ensure sustainability of political stability which is the major spring board of development. We have practically seen and tasted that; political stability is a steeping stone rather than a stumbling block to a healthy economy.

Fortunately in Rwanda, any objective observer can justifiably testify that, peace and political stability are the brain children of Rwanda Patriotic Front-RPF. This shows you where you should cast your ballot paper come 15th September 2008.

In this area, RPF led government, has ensured several trade legislations so that whoever contravenes it, faces the wrath of law without fear or favour.

However, this is not to suggest that it is all a bed of roses in our judiciary system. There are cases that can easily escape the strict "eye" of justice going unnoticed, or do not receive urgency they deserve. This happens every where world over.

As long as they are not state inspired, and when ever such situations are cited, get justice they deserve, they should be regarded as isolated cases and should not in any way be treated as a reflective principle nature of our justice system.

Our justice system, like all other sectors and institutions in our country, was a victim of former corrupt regimes and as such, the current government is faced with the task of ensuring a complete reform of these.

A fair and strong justice system is a prerequisite for peace and development, while a corrupt and weak justice system is a recipe for anarchy and backwardness.

Our government has chosen to build a fair and strong justice system so that whoever lives in Rwanda feels secure about his life and property.

RPF led government has created an enabling business environment such that; entrepreneurs can freely invest their money and earn profits, gifted hands to earn from their skills and intellectuals to earn from their brain power.

The talented can earn a living by displaying their talents in different fields, with farmers freely earning a living from their produce. All this has been possible because our government has properly managed its politics.

When governments fail in politics, it goes without saying that even business fails. Fellow citizens, as the political pressure for choosing our representatives in the parliament builds up, let us be sober enough to know the party that understands the importance of stability, unity of people and purpose.

A party endowed with a courageous, solid and determined leadership driven by a passionate desire to take the country to the promised land of prosperity and self reliance. Such a party is the Rwanda Patriotic Front- RPF.

Jean-Louis Kayitenkore
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