You Can't be Switzerland on Every Issue

It is good to be a peacemaker. It is good to be able to make friends. It is good if you have the skill to be a mediator and bring former friends (or current enemies) together to a common agreement. However, sometimes it is almost impossible to bring friends back together or be friends with certain people because of varying beliefs on issues with no gray area. Some issues have points that are mutually exclusive.

The country Switzerland is known for its neutrality on issues and ability to be a common ground for peace and possible reconcilation between opposing forces. Switzerland has not been in War since the early part of the 19th century. Switzerland tries to be a friend to everyone. Switzerland is a country of appeasement and compromise. A good gesture, but not relevant to us in the rest of the world.

For example, either you are a friend of abortion or a friend of life. You are a friend of the dealth peanlty or not. You are for the Packers or for the Bears. You are a Republican or a Democrat. You are an atheist or a believer. Some decisions are dichotomous (either yes or no). Sometime you cannot say "maybe" or "it depends." On these issues, you have to have a backbone and pick a side. Everyone may not agree with you, but they must resepect you for your dedicationand desire for your cause.

Have a backbone. Stand up for what you believe. It is not good to be too understanding. Be flexible when it is time to be flexible, other times be an unmoveable force. Remember, just because Switzerland does not fight does not mean they will not or cannot be attacked. Who would attack a person who tries to be a friend to all? Someone who wants those bank accounts, someone whod does not desire their friendship, someone who wants to capitalize on a country who has not a wartime since 1815… You can not be Switzerland, at least on every issue!

Bottom Line: Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe, even if you have to stand alone. Never compromise on things that cannot be compromised.

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