Global Warming Reaction To Republicans.., Priceless!  

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8 year war for American pride -- oil --.., 1.4 trillion dollars.

Bailout for republican trickle down.., 700 billion dollars.

World reaction toward republicans for the last 8 years.., Priceless!

It's no secret that most of the world's population is supporting Barak Obama for President of the United States of America. The world is totally intrigued by our politics. They know the next President of our nation has not only our futures at stake and at hand, but theirs to a large degree as well. They've noticed how we're a world community now.

This translates into foreign policy support, worldwide. Not something we've enjoyed these last 8 years or so.

His poll numbers from around the globe are striking, as no leader in recent memory has achieved such extensive foreign -- policy -- support that I can recall.

As the global warming waters of history rise, a small, defensive and now rather desperate political island known the the American "republican party" scrambles for survival. Not realizing it was they themselves that constructed this Frankenstein tsunami from their own over heated rhetoric -- cowboy George --, smokey, fossil fuel deception -- WMD's -- and that "drill, baby drill" blast furnace of misleading statements -- "The fundamentals of our economy are strong" --, they now seek shelter from the relentless waters of CHANGE in the oldest human emotion that has ever existed, FEAR!

Like a Sunday morning, cable channel used car salesman.., they insist that this once in a lifetime deal, sitting on their broken down jalopy blacktop of politics, will only last for a few more moments, so act NOW!

A May, 2008 poll of five major countries -- Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia -- showed Sen. Obama getting 52% support, compared with 15% for Sen McCain. That's approaching a 4 to 1 margin, a figure rarely, if ever witnessed.

Results in France, 65% favor Sen. Obama, compared with 8% for Sen. McCain, from numbers published by the United Kingdom's Daily Telegraph newspaper.

And, in Belgium's Le Soir newspaper, it showed Belgians prefer Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain 74% to 12%.

Why so incredibly high? Seems Europeans don't respond to bogus fear as we do.

Additionally, I believe it's because Europeans see something that's very American.., the soap opera of it all. Indeed.., like sands through a power shaft, so are the ways of the republican lies.

This methane belching group people are now so isolated in their views, opinions and lack of worldly experience from the global community, that we can hardly view them as they descend into.., and are swallowed up by.., the depths of their own overflowing, carbon emitting, septic tank of politics.

They've promoted FEAR for so long now -- the last 30 years, and really stoked the "terrify them" coals in these last eight -- that our scars will take decades to heal. We got burned, we felt the heat.

I don't think I'm comfortable with the results of the, "Who gives a damn what the world thinks" foreign policy attitude of these last 3 decades from the republicans. Jesus, what a policy. <--scratching head.

Here's to waving at the Russian's - and the rest of the world -- as they too realize they are flailing for floatation devices right along side those "pesky" republicans..."Howdy All"...

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