Rwanda: It is Desirous That We Get Another Telecoms Operator

The New Times (Kigali)

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The telecommunications industry is set to change its face as efforts to sign on a third national telecommunications operator are in advanced stages.

This third operator might come from four international telecommunications companies which have submitted bids to Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA).

There is no doubt about the advantages that will accrue from another operator.

Without a doubt telecommunications services can become better in this country with some bit of competition, which is not the case now where we have only two competitors who, because of the untapped business potential, behave like monopolies.

MTN Rwandacel and Rwandatel could suffer some bit of healthy competition to up their services, as is the case in other countries that have many telecommunication companies vying seriously for the few customers.

It has been said by no less a personage than the president, that due to under-estimating the business potential in Rwanda regarding telecommunication, MTN initially budgeted for very few clients.

Now it is merely struggling to even keep up the flow, because of inadequate planning.

It behooves RURA therefore to get a company that is ready to commit huge amounts of capital to satisfy the hunger that Rwandans still require for faster, efficient, and relatively cheaper connection charges; in addition to spreading out coverage into deeper areas in the countryside.

That said, and without unduly influencing the decision of RURA, it would be worthwhile to take up the company that will promote all the above, but also consider the advantages that will come with merging the East African region or even farther, on one network.

This will give Rwandans the advantages being enjoyed by people in other countries cashing in on being on one network, without the burdensome requirement of swapping sim cards whenever travelling from one country to the other.

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Integration will really be achieved by this single stroke in terms of such a telecommunications provider.

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