Tunisia has 9 million GSM subscribers, and 1,7 million internet users

Tunis, October 3, 2008- Recent figures released by the Ministry of communication technologies, show a 22, 6% increase in the number of GSM subscribers in the country, to reach a record 9 million subscribers.

The increase also concerns the number of internet users which has now reached 1,7 million, against 1,3 million users in 2006.

The number of broadband (ADSL) internet subscribers has also surged considerably, to reach 114, 000 in 2007 against 45, 500 in 2006.

The same political willpower is also behind the increase in the number of PC 's in Tunisia which has grown from 208,000 in 2000, to reach 767,500 units in 2007.

Plans are afoot to increase the number, to 1 million computers by 2009.

Observers note that in addition to a clear political commitment to boost the use of ICT in the country, major price reductions in internet subscriptions and improved services, have made the use of information and communication technologies accessible to a very large segment of the Tunisian population.

Out of a population of 10, 2 million inhabitants, 9 out ten Tunisians own a cell phone, 1,7 Tunisians out 10 use the internet, and soon one Tunisian out of 10 will own a computer, making Tunisia the best connected country in Africa and one of the best connected countries in the Arab world.

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