World Bank releases $4 million for online content in Kenya

By Rebecca Wanjiku , IDG News Service , 10/03/2008

The World Bank has released US$4 million to support online content generation for the private sector and government services in Kenya.

"The World Bank process is long and takes a lot of time, but now we have the required documents to go ahead with disbursement," said Bitange Ndemo, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The grant is divided into two parts, with $2.5 million to support individuals or groups who generate government-related content and $1.5 to support content generation by the private sector.

"The government is planning the infrastructure as well as the content that will pass through," Ndemo said. "There is no use having a fiber-optic cable if there is no local content and all the traffic is routed internationally."

The grant is part of the Kenya Transparency and Communication Infrastructure Project supported by the World Bank, which also includes a bandwidth subsidy for the Business Process Outsourcing sector.

The money will be offered as grants to select groups or individuals who demonstrate innovation and invention in the provision of services online. The grants will be offered for a period of three years but disbursed four times each year.

The grant will support content related to agriculture, health care, water and sanitation, education and online government services, Ndemo explained.

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