Some dignitaries from England, Scotland, France, and Spain also attended the Belgium online gaming event - the first of it's kind world-wide

Schlipp Fode, who spoke on the Belgium online gaming industry news panel, also has a prominent blog online.

Schlipp Fode offered some fresh points of view from recent blog entries and website submissions.

This was a refreshing review of the Belgium online gaming market, and was very informative.

Mayor Simona Godar, who spearheaded the original Belgium online gaming committee that brought the conference to town, spoke joyfully about the boom for local business: "Restaurants, Night Clubs, and the mall have all benefited greatly. Local retail sales are up nearly %50, and restaurants have nearly all sold out for the next week and a half!" The local news media also took to the streets to get general public's view about today's events.

Most reactions about the Belgium online gaming conference were positive, but a few people were not happy with the commotion created by evening party goers.

"I like the idea of having a Belgium online gaming conference in our town, but can't sleep at night with all them creating a ruckus," said Czapski Miyasato, who lives adjacent to the main facilities. "It wasn't so bad last year, but last night I didn't get to bed until 3 AM with all the shenanigans going on!"

Belgium online gaming conference goers, fans, and a few dignitaries from other countries all enjoyed the keynote speech by Cenci Haberkorn, director of the Rawls Beckum INC company.

The speech brought the crowd to its feet, with an ovation that lasted for nearly 6 minutes.

The following speaker, Donella Navratil, a long time conference support, echoed much of what was said during the key-note, along with a few other important ideas.

Some new Belgium online gaming product lines were also announced today, including the much anticipated release from Boike Kraus.com, a new leader in the industry. Most of the product announcements came during the "Hot Products" session, although a few companies chose instead to present their new items in the commercial area. Corporate attendees were advised to bring at least 1000 Belgium online gaming products with them to resell, and despite this quota, many companies sold out on the very first day!

"Wow!!!", said Erminia Huxley, a first time conference goer, "I'm so thankful that many Belgium online gaming industry heavyweights took time out to come and talk to us. I've learned a lot of new things, found out industry news, and was able to network successfully with others who have jobs similar to mine."

Some area Belgium online gaming commercial advertising firms also benefited from conference attendance.

One business owner stated that "I've got double the usual number of orders since the conference started… This means our company will probably have a surplus at the end of the year, and will allow us to continue strong into the next quarter!"

Dugas Zuckerwar, a well known Belgium online gaming marketer and former CEO of the Holahan Hockman INC firm, had a great panel discussion on the legalities of Belgium online gaming trade abroad. Holahan Hockman spoke briefly on current events, and then opened up the floor for Q & A from the audience.

Source:« Www.ttu.edu Magazine, a production of HHRESA, examines new developments in the Belgium online gaming sector >>

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