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Cars importation overwhelms Dar port
Daily News; Saturday,November 15, 2008 @20:03
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  • Dar Es Salaam port is currently overwhelmed by importation of vehicles as a yard for imported cars designed to hold about 3,000 has been overstretched by 100 per cent. The situation is described the worst ever following unprecedented importation of motor vehicles from abroad and Zanzibar.

    Authoritative sources said that the average number of vehicles at the port was between 6,000 and 7,000 at any given time. Dar es Salaam port recently received ships of varying capacities off loading between 800 and 5,000 cars. The Sources attributed pilling up of cars at the port to failure by importers to process import documents on time, and in some cases importers process the documents but failed to pay the required import taxes.

    In some instances importers abandon their vehicles at the port yard. Dar es Salaam port handles vehicles for domestic importers as well as on transit to Zambia, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Random survey by the 'Sunday News' showed that the designated yard at the port was full to the brim.

    Motor vehicles (heavy duty trucks, bull dozers plus other equipment were parked on the sides of the road to the port and on all available open spaces there. It is expected that such situation would be addressed by early next year if current trials of linking the processing of motor vehicle registration with Tanzania Revenue Authority's (TRA) computer system (Asycuda) succeeds.

    Reliable sources within TRA said that the customs department had already developed a software linking registration of motor vehicle with asycuda system that might commence in January, next year. The customs department was currently preparing documents for motor vehicles manually before taking them to domestic revenue department physically, a factor which delays clearance.

    The sources said; "The number of days lost on working on motor vehicle documents will be saved when such data is processed electronically. Currently TRA has picked five reliable companies for trials and results are very positive." The sources explained that the pace of clearing motor vehicles at the port was slower compared with the number of the same off loaded from the ships, hence, the congestion.

    Source: Daily News Online


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