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Bereaved Norfolk pair find love - in Uganda

Rodrick Brooks and Freda Lewis were married in Uganda.
Rodrick Brooks and Freda Lewis were married in Uganda.
Three years ago Rodrick Brooks was lonely following the death of his wife so he joined a social group to meet people in similar situations.

Now the 66-year-old's life has been "turned around" and last month he married Freda Lewis, whom he met through that club in a special ceremony in Uganda.

The African country became a key part of the couple's relationship because when they met - at a club called FIT (Face It Together) in Drayton - Mr Brooks's new wife was running a charity which helped people in Uganda.

Called The Oasis of Life, the charity helps to alleviate the despair and despondency of people living in camps in Northern Uganda and it is integral to the lives of the pair.

Mr Brooks, a father-of-two from Thorpe St Andrew, said: "My life has been turned around really. I was thinking I might meet someone when I started going to the club but didn't really expect it.

"Both our partners died of cancer and we had both had very good marriages so we had a lot in common. "Freda was running The Oasis of Life and got heavily involved in what was going on in Uganda and now I am involved too.

"Uganda is wonderful, with people living there having such strong Christian beliefs and being so welcoming and friendly, even though they are very poor. Getting married there was really special."

The Oasis of Life relies on fundraising and donations and money is raised to buy equipment , clothing and food to people on the verge of starvation.

Mrs Brooks first went out to Lira as a volunteer to give humanitarian aid in camps which were full of children with no toys, bedding or proper medical equipment.

She was touched by the good-natured and grateful children and now does what she can to help them.

The couple were married in a colourful ceremony on October 18 by the Bishop of Northern Uganda, surrounded by about 500 people.

Mr Brooks, who used to work as an estates manager for Norfolk police, said: "It was a lovely wedding and we were so privileged to have the local people there is colourful outfits and giving us their best wishes.

"They have nothing but are so warm and friendly, the place has really touched me. The areas we visit have witnessed years of civil war and there are still minefields and a lack of infrastructure and education.

"We are planning on going back out there again soon but we want to continue raising money for them. I feel I am lucky and that my story has a happy ending but I think there is still a lack of support for bereaved people in Norfolk and would like to see more."

To help The Oasis of Life log onto www.theoasisoflife.org

Source: Sarah Hall, www.eveningnews24.co.uk

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