"I served you during a difficult period.

A period when we were involved in humanitarian activities like saving lives,

rehabilitating infrastructure like water and electricity,

reconstruction and rehabilitation of Kigali City following the 1994 Genocide.
Today the city has grown, it is bigger, it is cleaner, it is safer and it is becoming a modern City.

On this occasion of celebrating 100 years,

I urge the people living in the city to be part of Urbanization process.

We must work together and in this way we will help the poorest people

living in poor conditions.

We must make our City cleaner, safer, for everyone especially

our Children and Grand Children.

We must help the Mayor realize these goals so that in 2020

Kigali will become the City that Rwandese are proud of.."

Former Mayor Lt. Col Rose Kabuye

Jean-Louis Kayitenkore
Procurement Consultant
Gsm:   (250) 08470205
Home: (250) 55104140
P.O. Box 3867
Kigali - RWANDA
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