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France Still Attempts to Monopolize the French Online Gambling Industry


As we know there are a lot of French speaking people in Canada. The reason for that should

be known from the history lessons, and we would not elaborate here on this topic. But isn't it

surprising that the governments of these two countries are jointly working on their own online gambling prohibition?

However, it is not certain whether they will reach a compromise, because as for now the Canadians are just talking and

threatening, whereas the French went a bit further in their plans and actions.

France differs from the United States, where rules the rightist prohibition, in more protectionist-like actions.

Therefore the French government would not surprise anybody if they will try to pass

their private Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. They have already made their first step,

that is to say they have suggested introducing a decree under the 2007 French Delinquency Act.

This decree would introduce technical restrains on payment processors and those French businessmen

who will deal with non-French online casinos or gambling sites (i.e. other than Francaise des Jeux and the PMU).

According to the first part of the French Delinquency Act French gamblers would not even have

an ability to enter foreign online casinos. France wants the providers of internet services to block the IP addresses

for the French players. The weak side of this decree is that people will always find a way to circumvent

the "technical impediments". The block of IP addresses can result in development of the underground movements.

This kind of actions that France is planning to take, are worrying the European Gaming and Betting Association.

The EGBA had lively reacted to the French doings and persuaded the European Commission to allow them

to make their own decision. France was then warned by the EGBA not to make any attempts on monopolizing

the online gambling industry beyond the French borders. As a consequence France can expect serious infringement hearings.

France's insubordination definitely deserves a stern admonition. For instance in February 2008 they have revealed

their plans to open a 2008 Euro Football Championships betting site for the UK and other European gamblers.

By March 31 we will see whether France will dare to act against the European Gaming and Betting Association,

and put their plans into effect. If France will continue to elude the EU law, European Commission will surely react right away.

Source: admin, http://www.aminahbasir.com/

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