Source: Edwin Musoni, (Photo/ G. Barya), http://www.newtimes.co.rw

'Might does not mean right', ATRACO tell France, Germany

The Association of Taxi Drivers (ATRACO) yesterday held their protests at the German Embassy in

Kigali requesting the release of Rose Kabuye, the Director of State Protocol who was arrested at the beginning

of last month in Germany and transferred to France.

Rose Kabuye is one of the nine Rwandans targeted by the arrest warrants issued in November 2006 by

French Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière.

The protestors at the Embassy issued a statement telling France and Germany that might does not mean right and

calling for the end to abuse of the principle of Universal jurisdiction.

The protests were carried out across the whole country on different sites by all members of ATRACO.

According to the first vice president of ATRACO, Issa Ngeze, the turn-up countrywide was estimated at

around 20,000 while those who  protested at the German Embassy in Kigali were about 1,500. 

"The protests by ATRACO will continue until Rose Kabuye is released," Ngeze said.

A statement read at the German embassy pointed out that France and German are safe havens for Genocidiares and traps for liberators.

ATRACO also requested to Rwandan government to indict French officials who played a role in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis.

'France stop attempts to confuse the world over role in Genocide, an attack on Rose Kabuye is

an attack on Rwanda, Africa unite against indignity, Rwanda defiant against injustice,' reads parts of the statement.

It also adds that indictments against Rwandan officials are a maneuver to blur the role of France in the Genocide.

ATRACO also told the international community to stop the conspiracy against Rwanda and Africa in general.

Today, Rose Kabuye has clocked 25 days since her arrest

Source: Edwin Musoni, (Photo/ G. Barya), http://www.newtimes.co.rw

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