Give Me Just 2 Days

"Give Me Just 2 Days … and I'll Show You How to Out-Market, Out-Sell,

and Out-Wit Your Fiercest Competitors Before They Know What Hit Them."

From the Desk of: Patrick Bell, MBA, MA
Managing Director
Alpha International Consultancy, Ltd.

Business Growth Mastery -- Series 1

February 17th and 18th, 2009
Back for the 4th time by popular demand!

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a candid question.

Which of the following is #1 on your business "wish list"?
I want to:

Ø Grow my business exponentially and leave linear growth behind

Ø Learn how to staff my business with a true Superstar Sales Force

Ø Learn how to put my business on auto-pilot so that I can work less but make more money

Ø Have more customers and business than I can handle

If you chose more than one of these goals, then it makes sense to clear your calendar

now for February 17th and 18th, 2009, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day, at the PanAfric Hotel,

Nairobi. If you can be there, you'll be one of the lucky business owners, independent professionals

and entrepreneurs who discover how to grow your own business using these same

proven strategies, tactics and marketing systems.

Here's what MY Event will cover:

ü Strategy for Complete Market Dominance (understand that if you work 10 times harder with

the wrong strategy, you'll only become more frustrated at a deeper level)

ü Why Cheating will Kill your Success … AND … how to tell if an employee, a supplier,

or a customer is lying to you or not, just talking with them for 30 seconds)

ü Building a Business System that Trounces your Direct Competitors

ü The One Big Secret that Internet Consultants are afraid to teach

ü How to Double Productivity in Your Company without going to those time-wasting

"time management" seminars that don't really work

ü 12 Steps to Supercharge your business using just one hour/week

ü Dream Teams, and how to get people to perform together for maximum achievement

ü Precision hiring—Why most companies make hiring mistakes that cost

them millions—and how to do it the right way

ü How to hire sales superstars and top-performers—those rare people that do most

of the work and bring in the lion's share of the business

ü How to grow your business a minimum of 10% with just one long-forgotten technique

ü Using powerful scripts to hire, to sell, and to dominate your niche

ü Establishing Policies and Procedures for Customer Acquisition so

that Money Materializes in Your Bank Account

ü Advanced marketing strategies that could double your profits

ü How to pre-empt the competition and set the buying criteria in your favour so you

become the market's most logical choice

ü The Power of Testing to get greater leverage out of all your marketing actions

ü Opportunities to partner or joint-venture with me at Alpha International Consultancy

ü …and much, much more!

I'm talking about two days of profit-provoking marketing strategies,

tactics and uncensored secrets …

This course will be co-taught by Mr. Ian Barton.

This Business Acceleration Event may never again be offered at this price.

 After this Business Acceleration Event, the price may easily double or triple!

Don't miss this opportunity. I would strongly advise you to make your reservation today.

To your success,

Patrick Bell, MBA, MA
Managing Director
Alpha International Consultancy, Ltd.

Reservation Form

Yes, I'm serious about growing my business and I want to be one of 600 people

to attend Patrick Bell's Business Growth Mastery Series 1 Business Acceleration

Event on February 17th and 18th, 2009.

 I am including my check or cash for _____________ (Kshs. 29,500 +VAT) for the first person,

and Kshs. 24,500 (+VAT) for each additional person … a maximum of 4 people per business).

I understand that if I am not happy with the content by 5 p.m. of the second day

(the conclusion of the Event), I may ask for an immediate return of my money and

pick up my entire registration fee in cash or cheque at the back of the room.

However, I get to keep the printed material. On that Better-Than-Risk-Free basis,

here is my reservation good for me and up to three associates of my choice.

Business Acceleration Event – Business Growth Mastery Series 1

-- February 17th and 18th, 2009

Name: □ Mr. □ Ms

(First) (Middle) (Last)


Name of Business or Company:

Nature of Business:

Address: (PO Box) (City) (Postal Code)

(Physical Address in case of courier deliveries)

Telephone Number: (Land line) (Celtel)

(Safaricom) (Telkom)

Fax Number: Email address:

Guest Names: Guest Relationship to you:

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

Have you attended a marketing seminar or Business Acceleration Event before? □Yes □No

If yes, who was the sponsor? ______________________ When was it held? _____________________

How did you hear about us? □Friend □Salesperson (Name: _______________)

□Website □Newspaper (Name of Paper and date: _________________

□Radio □Other ____________

Payment for how many people? _______________

Method of Payment □ Cash □ Cheque

□ Bank Deposit Total Amount: ___________________

Our bank information: Alpha International Consultancy, Ltd,

 Account # 0101169006, Chase Bank (K) Ltd..

Please send in the yellow copy of your confirmation of

your bank deposit as soon as possible.

How do you want your name to appear on your certificate of

training completion? (Print very clearly)


For Office Use Only Below This Line

Registration Packet sent? □Yes Date: ___________________ By whom? _____________

Information Returned? GPQ _______________ Values _______________ DiSC _________________

Cheque Received ________________ Cash receipt ______________ VAT Receipt _______________

Action Steps: 1. Email letter? ___________________

2. Follow-up phone call ____________ 3. Other? ________________________

You may also mail this form with your payment to Alpha International Consultancy

at P.O. Box 610-00621, Nairobi, Kenya, or have your assistant bring it to our office

at Warwick Centre, Block B, 1st Floor, Gigiri, Nairobi.

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