MTN Telephone Numbers to Change

Source: Timothy Kisambira, http://focus.rw

Rwanda: MTN Telephone Numbers to Change

Starting from February, phone numbers on

the MTN network will be slightly changed in line with

a Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA)

directive aimed at aligning the Rwanda numbering

and code structure with the region.

The change means that MTN numbers will henceforth

have 78 after the first 0, resulting in a 10-digit number

replacing the current 8 digits.

For example, if your number currently is 08312345,

it will become 0788312345;

the same applies to 03-numbers:

03123456 turns into 0783123456.

MTN customers should also change the number of

the SMS message center in their phone;

the current +250 08110333

will become +250 788110333.

International dialing codes will also change,

with international incoming calls to MTN numbers

no longer having to dial a 0 after the country code

as previously required.

For instance,

calling the local number +250 08312345

will change to +250 788312345 in February.

The MTN customers will dial 000 instead of the current 00

when calling a number outside Rwanda;

a call to the United Kingdom,

for instance number will no longer be 0044

but instead 00044 or +44.

However, Andrew Rugege, the MTN chief operating officer,

assured customers that there will be a transition period of

one month-until the end of February-during which

the old numbers can still be used.

During that time, callers will hear a message in English, French

and Kinyarwanda notifying them, after which the call will be connected.

This message will remain live for a further 2 months after

the transition month, but then callers will be required

to redial the number using the appropriate dialing codes.

Rugege also informed MTN subscribers that they will experience

interruptions to MTN services on the evening of January 31,

when the network is adjusted to the new codes.

Source: Timothy Kisambira, http://focus.rw

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