Polygamist Leader Calls His Arrest Religious Prosecution

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Source: LibertySugar, http://www.citizensugar.com

Polygamist Leader Calls His Arrest Religious Prosecution 

The leader of a polygamous community in Canada says authorities

are engaging in religious persecution by charging him with practicing polygamy.

Winston Blackmore claims there are tens of thousands of polygamists across Canada,

but that his religious sect is being targeted and authorities are disregarding his right

to religious freedom. He told the media: "This is not about polygamy,

to us this is about religious persecution.

Authorities arrested both Blackmore, 52, and another man with polygamous factions in

British Columbia. Blackmore is charged with marrying 20 women (that's a lot more than anyone

on Big Love!) and Oler is accused of marrying two women. The case will be the first test of Canada's polygamy laws.

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