H E Paul Kagame scoops top Tech award

President Paul Kagame giving his acceptance speech
after winning in the Policy category at
the World Technology awards in New York.
(PPU photo)


NEW YORK - President Paul Kagame was on Thursday

announced winner of a prestigious award by

the World Technology Network (WTN),

according to a release from the Office of the President.

WTN is a global think tank aimed at

bringing important emerging technologies of all types into reality.

The Head of State was winner in

the Policy category in which he had been

nominated alongside US President Barack Obama

and other renowned personalities.

Winners are individuals and organizations recognized

by peers as using technology with great potential

to have significant impact on society and nations.

"President Kagame acknowledged

the World Technology Network for the recognition

and thanked Rwanda for continued efforts in

demystifying and deploying technology

in order to help even the poorest of the poor

to improve lives," reads the release.

Some of the policies President Kagame is

most likely to have been recognised for

include the One Laptop Per Child Programme,

an initiative aimed at encouraging

ICT usage amongst young children.

Meanwhile during his earlier address to the summit,

H E Paul Kagame defined ICT as a way for nations

to prepare, upgrade and improve their own processes,

and to link the poorest and most disenfranchised

among them to global networks of productivity.

"If an aspect of great strategy is daring to accomplish

the improbable, then technology has a role to play

in shaping great strategy for poor nations,"

he told the WTN members.

Describing how communication technology has evolved

in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade,

H E Paul Kagame said that between 1995 and 2005,

over $25billion was invested in ICT.

"African mobile phone companies have become

regional and even global players – something that

our continent has not been known for in the past,"

remarked the President.

"Markets across the continent have opened,

competition has intensified, and Africa has become

the fastest-growing mobile phone market in the world."

The President also touched on the challenges that

the continent remains faced with,

paramount among all, rolling out

broadband infrastructure to connect the continent.

"High-speed Internet penetration rates

across Africa are still too low,

and in this respect,

we still live and work on the periphery."

He emphasised Rwanda's commitment to

realizing the great potential of science

and technology, especially information

and communications technology.  

"We have systematically invested in

a foundation to adopt, develop and utilize technology

in Education, Healthcare, Government,

and the Private Sector," he told the participants.

Other efforts by the Rwanda Government

to promote ICT in the country as described

by the President include putting in place

an institutional framework for developing

and implementing the set ICT vision.

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