Kigali City to go wireless by September

Primary school boys will be able
to access Internet anywhere in the city. (File Photo)


Internet users in Kigali City will soon be utilising

fast speed mobile wireless Internet called

WiBro.RDB Deputy CEO in charge of IT,

Nkubito Bakuramutsa said yesterday that

the WiBro technology that will enable users

to access uninterrupted Internet from any part

of the city, will be deployed by the end of September.

"Tourists will be able to move from the airport

to there hotels while surfing the net and people

will be moving in their vehicles

while carrying out transactions

on their laptops," 

The Wibro project started last year.

After a number of deliberating efforts

government contracted a Korean Telecom (KT),

a Korean company to install

the commercial wireless mobile broadband technology.

Wireless Broadband (WiBro) is

a wireless broadband Internet technology

developed by the South Korean telecom industry.

Bakuramutsa said that the Kigali Wibro project

is worth Rwf4.5 billion ($8 million) and

by December, the Rwf22.7 billion fibre-optic

project will be rolled out throughout the country. 

Bakuramutsa added that the backbone

is expected to provide affordable

high speed broadband Internet and

once complete it will connect

Rwanda to the rest of the world.

"With the new infrastructure, the government

is targeting to have over 4 million Rwandans

gain access to high speed Internet

within the next two to three years.

The project will also increase broadband

availability to more than

700 Rwandan institutions, including schools,

health-care centres and

local government administrative centres,"

he explained.

The national backbone is expected

to consist of a high-speed fibre-optic network

that will link 36 main points in

Rwanda's 30 districts, with a 2,300-kilometre cable

running across the country and will also

be linking Rwanda to

the undersea cable of the cost of Mombasa.

The Korean company was also contracted

by the government in a related project

to lay the fibre-optic cable that will connect

the country to the undersea cable

and also provide technology,

equipment, relevant application materials.

The project also includes training

and managing the cable installation

the project which is worth Rwf22.7 billion ($40 million).

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