Ocampo afungua bahasha ya Waki lakini majina kapuni!

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Waki Commission list of names in
the hands of ICC Prosecutor

Six boxes containing documents and supporting materials compiled
by Waki Commission arrive at the ICC on Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court
(ICC) Luis Moreno-Ocampo received in The Hague
six boxes containing documents and
supporting materials
compiled by the Commission of Inquiry into
the Post-Election Violence (known also as
the Waki Commission), and an envelope with
a list of persons who could be
implicated in the violence.

The Prosecutor opened the sealed envelope,
examined its content and resealed the envelope.

"The content of the envelope will remain
confidential, there will be no leaks,
" the Prosecutor said".

The Waki Commission provided the names of
a number of individuals and justifications
for an investigation.

I am grateful to Kofi Annan and Justice Waki
for transmitting this information and for
their contributions to our common goal in
fighting impunity.

My Office will continue the collection of
information, and I will reach an impartial
conclusion as to whether or not
to investigate those individuals
or others, or none."

Afterwards, the material was stored in
a secure vault, where it will remain.

It will be registered and processed
for analysis by the Prosecutor's Office.

"There is a consensus that there will be
no impunity for the crimes that
have been committed," the Prosecutor stressed,
"this is the only way to prevent the commission
of new crimes during the next elections.

" he said. "The main responsibility now
lies with the Kenyan government."

The International Criminal Court is
an independent, permanent court that
investigates and prosecutes
persons accused of the most serious crimes
of international concern,
namely genocide, crimes against humanity
and war crimes.

Waki Commission list of names in the hands of ICC Prosecutor
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Source: http://www.jamiiforums.com/international-forum/

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