Tunisian exporters will have access to international market analysis tools free of charge


released on Tuesday, the Center for

the Promotion of Exports (CEPEX) announces 

that online marketplace analysis tools

of the International Trade Center (ITC)

will become free for exporters,

thanks to the financial support from

the Global Fund for Special Assignment

of the ITC and the World Bank.

CEPEX offers exporters the possibility

to set up an account through online registration.

The aim is to provide Tunisian exporters

with free,  real time information on

international markets and

investment opportunities.

The trade map provides users with indicators

on export performance, international demand,

alternative markets and the role of competitors.

The Trade Map covers 220 countries

and territories and a range of 5300 products.

Trade data is also available at the tariff line

level for more than 120 countries and on

a quarterly and monthly basis for more

than 50 countries( http://www.trademap.org/)

The map also covers customs tariffs

(import duties) and other measures

applied by 187 importing countries

to products from 239 countries

and territories.

On its part, the investment map 

provides foreign direct

investment (FDI) data for 80 countries

at the sectoral level, together

with foreign affiliates,

trade flows and tariffs

for over 150 countries.

The country map provides links to national

trade support institutions and

country-specific business information,

as well as giving trade and

market profiles ; The  country map is 

based on trade statistics which

benchmark the national trade performance

and provides indicators on

export supply and import demand.

More recently the Product Map

has been integrated into

the Market Analysis Tools.

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