Sarah Brown 'bemused' by sketch

Sarah Brown and a sketch of her
(copyright: http://www.carlabrunisarkozy.org/PA Wire)

Sarah Brown posted her comments about
the drawing on Twitter

The prime minister's wife, Sarah Brown, has said
that a sketch of her published
by French first lady Carla Bruni left her
feeling "bemused".

The sketch appears on
Ms Bruni's newly-launched website.

Mrs Brown wrote on social networking site
Twitter: "Love Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's new
website though bit bemused by illustration of me."

The website crashed on its first day after
being overwhelmed by the number
of people trying to access it.

The red-line drawing of the prime
minister's wife, by illustrator Alice Dechelette,
is in a gallery on the site which
includes politicians, their wives and musicians.

Other subjects featured in the gallery include
Ms Bruni's husband President Nicolas Sarkozy,
Nelson Mandela and U2 singer Bono.

Palace life

Following her initial tweet, Mrs Brown told
fellow Twitter user bigbelbess: "Bemused
in a good way - I think it is really cool".

The website promises a glimpse into
Ms Bruni's life with President Nicolas Sarkozy
at the Elysee Palace and
aims to publicise her charity work.

Mrs Brown's followers on Twitter now
appear to be outstripping those
of popular celebrity "tweeter" Stephen Fry.

The prime minister's wife now has more
than 774,000 followers on the
website Twitter after joining Twitter
in March, compared with
about 768,000 for Fry.

And her popularity on Twitter far exceeds
that of the official Labour Party feed,
which has about 6,000 followers.

She writes under the name
SarahBrown10 and tends to steer
clear of political statements.

Instead she gives followers
a glimpse into the practicalities
of her day-to-day life.

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