Vodacom, Tracker, and Sierra Wireless Team Up to Launch New Vehicle Tracking SIM Card for South Africa

South Africa's Vodacom has launched
a vehicle tracking service in cooperation
with Tracker and Sierra Wireless.

The inSIM embedded SIM component was
designed and developed by Wavecom,
now part of Sierra Wireless, and will
be used by Tracker, a stolen vehicle recovery
and fleet management company.

Vodacom provides Tracker with
its network services.

Sierra Wireless' inSIM is a solution which

embeds the SIM function into the Wireless

CPU at the component level, eliminating

the use of the traditional plastic SIM card

thus reducing the ability

for third parties to tamper with the SIM card.

Wally Beelders, Executive Director

of Vodacom Business says, "This is

a revolutionary innovation and we're excited

to be the first network operator to have

this product commercially

available in South Africa.

Tracker will also be the first vehicle

tracking company to offer Sierra Wireless' new

technology as part of their tracking device".

According to Olivier Beaujard, Vice President

of Market Development at Sierra Wireless,

the inSIM-enabled devices are able to operate

in extreme temperatures and

are resistant to vibration.

"Our inSIM solution is a great fit for the vehicle

tracking industry as it reduces the chance

of the SIM being stolen and

used for other purposes, while also reducing

the space required for the tracking device,

making it smaller and easier to install."

Vodacom says its partnership with

Sierra Wireless will allow it to explore

a variety of different machine-to-machine

and telemetry solution options

in the coming months.

"We believe we have only scratched

the surface of this market and will be

exploring a variety of different uses

for this technology over

the coming months," says Beelders.

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