Diplomatic Missions - Embassies in Rwanda

Rwanda Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

 and Cooperation

Belgium, Rue de Nyarugenge,
Tel: +250252575551 / 2 / 3 / 4,

Fax: +250252573995.

Burundi, 4 Rue de Ntararuka,
Tel: +250252517529 / 30 / 575512.

Canada, Rue de L'Akagera,

Tel: +250252571762/3/4,
574228, 573210,

Fax: +250252572719.

China, 44 Boulevard de la Revolution,
Tel: +250252575415 / 510489

/ 572168 / 572773.

Egypt, Boulevard de L'Umuganda,
Tel: +250 87510 / 587560

/ 582039 / 582689.

Germany, Rue de Bugurama,
Tel: +250252575222 / 575141

/ 575505.

India, Rue du Lac Ihema.
Tel: +250252574556 / 576472,

Fax: +250252574290.

Kenya, Boulevard de L'Umuganda,
Tel: +250252583332 / 4 / 5 / 6 /

511889, Fax: +250252510919.

Libya, Tel: +250252572294 /

Fax: +250252572347.

Netherlands, Boulevard de L'Umuganda.
Tel: +250252584348 / 584378 /584711.

Russia, Avenue de L'Armee.
Tel: +250252575286, Fax: +250252574818.

South Africa, Boulevard de L'Umuganda.
Tel: +250252583185 / 6 / 7 / 8,

Sweden, Aurora Building, 1 Floor. Kacyiru.

Tel: +250252597400, Fax: +250252597459.


Switzerland, Boulevard de Revolution.

Tel: +250252573534 / 575738.

Tanzania, Tel: +250252505400 / 1 / 3 / 585302

Tel/Fax: +250252505403 / 585301,

Fax: +250252505402.

Uganda, Rue de L'Akagera. Tel: +250 +250 76854
Fax: +250252576854,

Email: ugaemb@rwanda1.com

United Kingdom, Boulevard de L'Umuganda.

Tel: +250252586072 / 586050 / 584098 / 585771

Fax: +250252582044,


Website: www.britishembassykigali.org.rw

USA, 2657 Avenue de la Gendarmerie (Kacyiru)

Tel: +2502525596400 Extension: 2553,

Fax: +250252596771 / 596591

If coming from a country where there is

no Ethiopian mission, you can acquire

a visa at entry points. Multiple visas are

offered for tourists staying longer

than 3 months and prices begin at US$20.

Transit visas are available for visitors

staying 72 hours or fewer. A valid passport

and passport-sized photo are required

to obtain a visa.

Ethiopian visas can take up

to 5 business days to process.

Travelers from COMESA nations and

some island nations do not need

visas to visit Uganda. For all others, visas

can be obtained at entry points,

starting at a 3-month visa for US$30.

Multiple entry visas are available

for stays of 6 months or longer.

When ordering visas ahead of time,

allow 2 business days for processing.

Residents of Commonwealth countries

(except India, Nigeria, Canada, Australia,

New Zealand and the UK) do not require

visas to Tanzania. Neither do citizens

of Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Ireland, Romania,

Rwanda and Hong Kong. Visas, which also

allow entry into Zanzibar, can be obtained

at entry points. Visa fees begin at US$30.

Transit visas last up to 3 weeks

and 3-month visas are renewable.

Nationals of the Democratic Republic

of the Congo, Uganda and Rwanda do not

need visas to visit Burundi. Travelers from countries

where Burundi does not have

diplomatic representation and travelers

going to another country within 72 hours

can obtain visas at entry points.

Validity of visas is subject to

the discretion of the Immigration Department.

Visa prices begin at US$80,

with an added $10 fee for transit travelers.

Kenya Airways has made

visa application forms available on their website

for visitors to Kenya.

By visiting www.kenya-airways.com, travelers

can download visa applications for

processing at any of Kenya's entry points.

Citizens of most African countries do not

need visas to enter Kenya.

Lists of those who do not need visas can

be found on Kenya's government website.

Kenya offers transit (maximum of 7 days, US $20),

single entry (US$50) and

multiple entry (one year - US$110) visas.

Single entry visas permit travel to Uganda,

Tanzania and reentry into Kenya.

Travel elsewhere, i.e. Rwanda, will forfeit this.

Citizens of Gabon do not require visas

to enter Congo, but Congolese nationals who are

also citizens of other countries

do require visas if traveling

on their other passport.

Visa fees for touring and business travelers

are US$70 for 15 days, US$100

for one month and US$180 for

three months (business only).

All visas are multiple entry.

Visas are required by all travelers

except transit passengers staying up

to 48 hours. Visas can be obtained

at entry points and begin at US$70.

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