KT launches wireless Internet service for Rwanda

KT Corp., Korea's top fixed-line operator and
internet service provider, said Sunday
it has launched wireless Internet
network service in Rwanda,
according to the Yonhap News.

The communications network service for

Internet access, dubbed "WiBro," cost

$7.7 million to build and links major government

agencies in the capital city of Kigali, the KT noted.

KT said it hopes the service, which was

launched last week in the African nation,

will serve as a stepping-stone in

the company's bid to further

tap the African market.

Korea's No. 1 electronics company,

Samsung Electronics Co., and seven other

companies joined the project, said KT,

which won the deal last year.

WiBro, one of the world's major third-generation

wireless Internet standards, is a

homegrown wireless Internet access

technology developed by KT that enables

broadband-like Web connectivity even

when a user is in motion.

The technology competes with

Intel Corp.'s WiMax.

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