Opportunities For Export And Import In South Africa

South Africa was originally founded in 1652
by Dutch traders.

They settled in Cape Town.

Diamonds were discovered in 1867.

Gold was discovered in 1886.

From that point on South Africa has
been known for the rich minerals and
precious metals that can be mined.

This is one of their biggest export industries.

If you are interested in doing import or
export business with South Africa you will
find that precious metals, agriculture,
electricity, and oil are
the biggest opportunities for you.

Gold, Diamonds, and Platinum are
the three biggest precious metals that
are exported from this country.

Emeralds are also mined but it is
not exported on as large a scale as
the top three precious metals.

Most of the jewellery that is purchased
for an engagement ring gets
its precious metals from South Africa.

Yellow gold is the most popular metal for wedding rings.

Platinum is more expensive than gold
and not used as often in jewellery
for the mere fact that it is much more rare.

Many agricultural items are exported
from South Africa. Corn, wheat, sugarcane,
fruits, vegetables, beef, poultry, mutton,
wool and dairy products are the top export items.

Although it might seem that South Africa
is a dry place with no water in sight,
it in fact is abundant with food
to sell to other countries in need.

Electricity is also exported by South Africa.

As more electricity is used than consumed
it is a top commodity that other countries purchase.

If you realize that it one of the major methods
of energy after natural gas, you will see
the true value of this.

Over 49 million people in South Africa have
a need for this but not everyone uses it.

A major item that is exported to other countries
is oil and natural gas.

This goes along the same line as electricity.

Any country that can meet their energy needs
and yet still able to export that product after all
its inhabitant's needs are met is a wonder.

This is how it can be a net exporter instead
of an importer for most of its goods.

As the price of oil will only increase
as less of it is discovered by
other countries it will continue
to be a top commodity.

There was a certain time in South Africa's history
when apartheid was an in effect.

Because of the very nature of its existence
it caused many problems as other countries
didn't want to do business.

It had to go through a major struggle
to get to the current state.

Now that it is no longer in effect
many countries that had bans from
doing business were lifted.

Now is a great time to do business
with South Africa.

The country has had many ideological changes
and is open to change to improve
the livelihood of its citizens.

This country has come a long way from
its original Dutch and British historical beginnings
to become one that is fair
to all people regardless of their race.

The Western Cape Investment and 

Trade Promotion Agency (WESGRO)

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