Genocide's spectrum /: Le spectre du Génocide

The specialists have already dismantled
the mechanisms of this ugly thing.

My concern is that the lambda is not
a direct victim because she does not lose his life
but what remains is not always obvious
to assume.

Like Haley's comet, certain periods
of the year, a group of people, composed
for the most part, direct survivors
Genocide (that of Rwanda), have
behaviors that are beyond any
Cartesian reasoning.

The most serious cases require a
medical care and even a short
stay in a rest home.
For most others, the comfort
family or in the host,
comes at the end of this stress.

I can not find the reasons
so convincing that can
a project born of society,
be accepted and implemented
by the mass without the sense
Education secular or otherwise.

The love of neighbor, the precepts,
customs, are a shield
prevented this carnage.

It is said that the''if''we can
remake the world.

If the First Minister had been
dealing with transition or vacancy,
if the Para Commandos of Flawinne,
had not lost life ..

Genocide would have been avoided?

There are some things that you arrive
difficult to describe or identify
the appropriate words or adjectives.

Death is silent and insidious,
what happened in my beautiful
land of a thousand hills was not.

These fragrances that beset you,
this indescribable taste in the throat,
on your skin, these hours has
wash hoping that this is
a bad dream.

You can pretend but the memory
has its own logic and it involves you
without warning.

A collective grief is never the same
if so, the pain is individual.

I have a sentence for all these structures
broken family, for any such loss
human capital, for this injustice.

To prevent these people think
that their project has achieved its objectives,
we must move forward by asking
safeguards and try to ensure
that be-called reasons for this
cataclysm are eradicated.

Never again is not an empty slogan,
is the rallying around a
social project, which takes into account
all its components and responds
to all its expectations.

Harmonize our views and
that any form of totalitarianism,
single focal vision, prejudice,
trigger in us, the reflex

I ask because it believes that
the Lord of Hosts Listening
his children, I pray that
serenity, wisdom, blessing
are intrinsic values that

I pray for the repose of the souls
countless victims, I pray
for each day that passes, it
can meet the challenge and meet
his fellow man and see how it is written
The Holy Bible, evidence
of God's love


Les spécialistes de la question ont déjà démonte
les mécanismes de cette chose immonde.

Mon souci est la personne lambda qui n'est pas
une victime directe parce qu'elle ne perd pas sa vie
mais ce qu'il lui reste n'est pas toujours évident
à assumer.

Comme la comète de Haley, a certaines périodes
de l'année, un groupe de personnes, composé
pour la plus grande partie, de survivants direct
du Génocide (celui du Rwanda), ont des
comportements qui échappent à tout
raisonnement cartésien.

Les cas les plus sérieux, nécessitent un
suivi médical et même parfois, un court
séjour dans une maison de repos.
Pour la plupart des autres, le réconfort
familial ou dans la structure d'accueil,
vient à bout de ce stress.

Je n'arrive pas a trouver les motifs
si convaincants qui puisse faire
qu'un projet de société naisse,
soit accepté et mis à exécution
par la masse sans que le bon sens,
l'Éducation laïque ou autre.

L'amour du prochain, les préceptes,
us et coutumes, fassent qu'un bouclier
empêche cette hécatombe.

On dit qu'avec des ''si'', on peut
refaire le monde.

Si la Première Ministre avait pu
assumer la transition ou la vacance,
si les Para Commandos de Flawinne,
n'avaient pas perdus la vie..

Le Génocide aurait-il pu être évité?

Il y'a des choses que l'on arrive
difficilement à décrire ou trouver
les qualificatifs ou mots adéquats.

La mort est sournoise et silencieuse,
ce qui est arrivé dans mon beau
pays des milles collines ne l'était pas.

Ces différents effluves qui vous assaillent,
ce goût indescriptible dans la gorge,
sur votre peau, ces heures passées a
se laver en espérant que ce n'est
qu'un mauvais rêve.

On peut faire semblant mais la mémoire
a sa propre logique et elle vous interpelle
sans crier gare.

Un deuil n'est jamais collectif et même
si c'était le cas, la douleur est individuelle.

J'ai de la peine pour toutes ces structures
familiales brisées, pour toute cette perte
de capital humain, pour toute cette injustice.

Pour éviter que ces personnes pensent
que leur projet a atteint ses objectifs,
il faut aller de l'avant en posant des
garde-fous et essayer de faire en sorte
que les sois-disant raisons de ce
cataclysme soient éradiquées.

Never again n'est pas un slogan creux,
c'est le cri de ralliement autour d'un
projet de société, qui prend en compte
toutes ses composantes et répond
à toutes ses attentes.

Harmonisons nos points de vue et
que toute forme de totalitarisme,
de vision mono focale, de préjugés,
déclenchent en nous, le réflexe de

Je prie parce que convaincu que
Éternel des Armées écoute
ses enfants, je prie pour que
la sérénité, la sagesse, la bénédiction
soient les valeurs intrinsèques qui
nous animent.

Je prie pour le repos des âmes
des victimes innombrables, je prie
pour que chaque jour qui passe, on
puisse relever le défi et rencontrer
son semblable et voir comme il est écrit
dans la Sainte Bible, une preuve
de l'amour de Dieu


Twitter and Facebook Targeted in Web Attack

Source: http://www.marketingvox.com/twitter-and-facebook-targeted-in-web-attack- 044808/?utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_source=mv&utm_medium=textlink

Denial-of-service attacks hit popular social networking sites Twitter,

LiveJournal and Facebook on Thursday, which resulted in Twitter

being down for at least two hours.

For its part, Facebook reported that an attack hit them at the same time,

but was able to successfully defend against it without

any service interruption.

Twitter and Facebook say that no user data was compromised

in the event.

While no one has yet claimed responsibility,

the origination of the attack is said to have come

from Russia or Georgia.

While DOS attacks are common for many sites, this is

the first time one was able to have such a noticeable effect

on Twitter, said by many to be vulnerable to just such a thing.

In many cases, hackers are not necessarily looking

to exploit sites for illegal purposes, but others do.

DOS attacks are part of the larger problem of Hacker Commerce,

or H*Commerce, a multi-billion dollar industry where hackers

compromise personal and business data for illegal gain,

which in turn costs businesses time and money

to have to defend against.

As noted in The Globe and Mail, Shelly Palmer,

managing director of Advanced Media Ventures Group,

shares the feeling held by many that any DOS should

be treated more seriously.

"People tend to want to take sites that are very public and

go after them.

In fact you'd be surprised how many sites for

major companies are really attacked on a daily basis.

This is a crime, it's a real crime and it should

be treated that way." llegal or not,

Twitter's vulnerabilities were on display for the world

to see as the popular microblogging site continues

its upward growth in terms of the number of users,

estimated to now be over 44 million.

The site has been down before, but those past outages

were usually server-related.

This is the first time it's been down to this extent

due to malicious activity.

Checkmate firefighters pyromaniacs / Échec et mat aux pompiers pyromanes

Checkmate firefighters pyromaniacs A new, positive, in relations that were sawtooth between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. More than a coup de pub, the willingness of the two Presidents to restore friendliness is an encouragement not only for some people who did not know to who to turn. But also for a dynamic sub-regional, melting pot of well-being, the good life. Beyond all the speculation, the population that is in a prime position, has shown its appreciation by adding that not only the Lord of Hosts, contributed to this warming but that it would not be temporary. This summit meeting was preceded by another in the sister city and nearby Rubavu, less than 2 km, a crow flies, The pressure is more conducive to a title, it will allow a certain serenity to deal with different and a direct dialogue to see in what areas, synergies can be applied. At first, I welcome and I entrust to the Lord of Hosts and our ancestors, the torch that will enlighten and guide us in this winding trail, full of pitfalls Échec et mat aux pompiers pyromanes Une nouvelle donne, positive, dans les relations qui étaient en dents de scie entre la République Démocratique du Congo et le Rwanda. Plus qu'un coup de pub, la volonté affichée des deux Présidents de rétablir une convivialité est un encouragement certain non seulement pour certaines populations qui ne savaient plus à quel Saint se vouer. Mais aussi pour un dynamisme sous-régional, creuset d'un bien-être, bien-vivre. Au dela de toutes les spéculations, la population qui est aux premières loges, a montrée sa satisfaction en ajoutant que non seulement l'Éternel des Armées, y a contribué mais que ce réchauffement ne soit pas momentanée. Cette rencontre au sommet, a été précédée d'une autre dans la ville sœur et voisine de Rubavu, à moins de 2 Km, a vol d'oiseau, de la rencontre des deux chefs d'États. Cette détente est propice à plus d'un titre, elle permettra une certaine sérénité pour aborder les différents et aussi un dialogue direct pour voir dans quels domaines, les synergies peuvent être appliquées. De prime abord, je me réjouis et je confie à l'Éternel des Armées et nos ancêtres, la torche qui nous éclairera et guidera dans ce sentier sinueux, pleins d'embuches

10 Ways Your Voice and Data Can Be Spied on

Attackers seeking to do harm or mischief to networks work with an ever expanding arsenal of tools that sometimes seem to be the stuff of spy fiction, but they are all too real.

Network World — Attackers seeking to do harm or mischief to networks work with an ever expanding arsenal of tools that sometimes seem to be the stuff of spy fiction, but they are all too real.

Slideshow: 11 Security Companies to Watch

10 cutting-edge spy gadgets

Click here to find out more!

Here are 10 cloak-and-dagger ways, legal and illegal, to secretly tap

into networks and computers to capture data and conversations.

1. Wireless keyboard eavesdropping: Remote-exploit.org has released

an open source hardware design and accompanying software

for a device that captures then decrypts signals from

wireless keyboards.

The device uses a wireless receiver that can be concealed

in clothing or disguised as a common object

that could be left on a desk near a PC to pick up signals.

Called Keykeriki, the technology targets 27MHz wireless keyboards

to exploit insecurities that remote-expoit.org discovered earlier.

The company plans to build and sell the hardware.

2. Wired keyboard eavesdropping: Electromagnetic pulses that keyboards

make to signal what key is being hit travel through

the grounding system of the keyboard and the computer itself

as well as the ground for the electrical wiring

in the building where the computer is plugged in.

Probes placed on the ground for the electric wiring

can pick up these electromagnetic fluctuations,

and they can be captured and translated into characters.

The potential for this type of eavesdropping has been known

for decades, and many experts believe spy agencies have

refined techniques that make it practical.

Andrea Barisani and Daniele Bianco, researchers for

network security consultancy Inverse Path,

are presenting their quick-and-dirty research on the topic

at this year's Black Hat USA conference in the hopes

of sparking more public research of these techniques.

3. Laptop eavesdropping via lasers: Bouncing lasers off laptops

and capturing the vibrations made as keys are struck give

attackers enough data to deduce what is being typed.

Each key makes a unique set of vibrations different from

any other. The space bar makes an even more unique set,

Barisani and Bianco say.

Language analysis software can help determine which set

of vibrations correspond to which key, and if the attacker

knows the language being used,

the message can be exposed, they say.

4. Commercial keyloggers: Early keyloggers were devices attached

in-line with keyboards, but they advanced to software tools

that grab keystrokes and store or send them to an attack server.

Commercial versions have the software loaded on memory sticks that

can dump the software on a computer and then

be reinserted later to download the collected data.

5. Cell phones as remotely activated bugs: Software loaded onto

certain models of cell phones can silence the ringers and cut off

the light displays that would normally be triggered

when calls are made to them.

The caller can then listen in on conversations in the room

where the phone is located.

Click here to find out more!

According to press reports, the FBI received court permission

to use this technique to spy on

suspected Mafia members in New York.

6. Cell phone SIM card compromise: If attackers can get possession

of a cell phone briefly, they can use commercially available software

to download and read SIM cards and their store of phone numbers,

call logs, SMS messages, photos and so on.

For instance PhoneFile Pro is software on a USB stick

that claims to enable both the download and the display of the data.

7. Law enforcement wiretapping based on voice print: Phone company voice

switches include software that can search all conversations

going through it for voices that match sets of voiceprints.

Whenever the switch makes a match, it can trigger

a recording of the conversation and alert

law enforcement officials, says James Atkinson,

an expert in technical surveillance countermeasures.

The feature is designed to support communications assistance

for law enforcement (CALEA) -- the law that requires

phone companies to provide wiretapping access

under court order to specific communications traffic.

8. Remote capture of computer data: Under a sketchy technique called

Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier (CIPAV),

the FBI has remotely tracked down data

about individual computers.

Details of the technology have never been publicly revealed,

but they were used to track down high-school students

who sent e-mail bomb threats.

CIPAV grabs IP and MAC addresses, running processes,

visited Web sites, versions of operating systems,

registered owner and logging of computers

the target computers connect to. It is believed the software

that does this is dropped in via exploiting instant messaging.

9. Cable TV as an exploitable network: Because most cable TV networks

are essentially hubbed, any node can monitor any other node's traffic,

says James Atkinson, an expert in technical

surveillance countermeasures. By and large security is rudimentary

and the encryption used could be hacked by someone

with basic technical skills and readily

available decryption tools, he says.

10. Cell phone monitoring: Commercially available software claims

to capture cell phone conversations and texting.

Attackers need to get physical access to the phone

to upload the software that enables this.

There are several commercial brands on the market,

but there are also online complaints that the software

doesn't work as advertised or is more complicated

to use than the vendors let on.

By Tim Greene


Redynamisation de la CINAT

8% des parts de l'Etat proposés aux particuliers

L'état actuel du cimentier commande l'ouverture de son capital.

En vendant 31% de ses parts au groupe Lafarge, l'État gagnera

la somme de 43.400.000 USD et aussi le bénéfice de voir

son entreprise enregistrer de nouvelles performances

et être sauvée de la fermeture La nouvelle intéressera plus d'un RD-Congolais parce que seuls

les nationaux sont concernés.

En effet, dans le cadre de la transformation des entreprises publiques,

l'État RD-congolais s'est déjà mis à la vente des 41% de

ses 91,7% des parts détenues à la Cimenterie nationale -CINAT.

Sur ces parts à liquider, 31% ont été déjà cédées au groupe Lafarge,

dont la renommée dans la fabrication du ciment est mondiale.

Sur les 10% restants, 8% sont mis à la disposition des citoyens RD-congolais

pour le développement de la classe moyenne nationale,

et 2% pour les travailleurs de la CINAT.

Cependant, une part est vendue à 1.400.000 USD. L'annonce a été faite lors de la dernière visite de

la ministre du Portefeuille Jeanine Mabunda, dans le site de la Cinat,

situé dans la périphérie de la ville rurale de Kimpese, à plus

de 220 Km à l'ouest de Kinshasa, dans la province du Bas-Congo.

Réciproquant aux fréquentes visites des membres de la

délégation syndicale qui avait multiplié des contacts avec

le ministère du Portefeuille et le COPIREP, chargé du

suivi du dossier de la vente et de la liquidation des actions de l'État,

pour accélérer le dossier d'ouverture du capital de leur entreprise,

Mabunda est allée tâter du doigt l'état d'esprit qui régnait à Kimpese

et pour évaluer les travaux à faire dans la période intérimaire avant

la venue du groupe Lafarge.

Et elle a été largement surprise par l'accueil fait par l'ensemble

du personnel à l'annonce de l'arrivée imminente de

nouveaux partenaires porteurs de l'argent frais pour

la redynamisation des activités de production du ciment gris.

-- J-L K. Procurement Consultant Gsm: (250) (0) 78-847-0205 (Mtn Rwanda) Gsm: (250) (0) 75-079-9819 (Rwandatel) Home: (250) (0) 25-510-4140 P.O. Box 3867 Kigali - RWANDA East AFRICA jlkayisa@yahoo.com http://facebook.com/kayisa Blog: http://cepgl.blogspot.com Skype ID: kayisa66