A tous les étudiants et chercheurs en physique

 Dear all,

 My name is Steve Muanza. I'm a particle physicist with the
CNRS-IN2P3 (http://www.in2p3.fr) in Marseille, France.
 I'm from DR Congo descent.

Together with Pr John Ellis from CERN (http://www.cern.ch) and
other colleagues, we're organising a Biennial School of
Fundamental Physics and its Applications
in Africa.

This school is intended for students in fundamental physics
and young researchers.

We'll provide full coverage of the travel and stay expenses
for the selected students, with a priority for sub-saharan Africans.

The first venue of the school will be
in august-september 2010 in South Africa. 

You can find details at


 We are trying to contact as many African students as possible,
so please don't hesitate to forward this message
to any of them nor to staff members in universities
or research laboratories.

If you have any questions or suggestions
please feel free to e-mail me.
Best regards, Dr Steve Muanza

                       Steve Muanza
 CPPM Marseille CNRS-IN2P3      muanza@in2p3.fr
Bureau 350                                      Steve.Guy.Muanza@cern.ch
> 163, Av de Luminy. Case 902    http://www-clued0.fnal.gov/~muanza
> 13288 Marseille Cedex 09       Tel: +33.(0)
> FRANCE                         Fax: +33.(0)

             J-L K.
Procurement Consultant
Gsm:    (250) (0) 78-847-0205
Home:  (250) 55-10-4140
    P.O. Box 3867
  Kigali - RWANDA
    East AFRICA
Blog: http://cepgl.blogspot.com
  Skype ID: kayisa66

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