South Africa freeze smart card IDs

President Jacob Zuma

SOUTH Africa's Home Affairs minister,

Nksazana Dlamini-Zuma said the issuing of

smart identity document cards has been shelved

owing to investigations into

the State Information Technology Agency (SITA).

She revealed this during an interaction with

local media following the tour of Government Printers.

"As you know government had decided that

all ICT tenders are given to SITA who then makes

the appropriate recommendations.

The process was taken to SITA.

Something went wrong at SITA in their processes

and at the moment the smart card processes

have been stopped and there are investigations

that are going on at SITA.

I am not sure when this will be completed,

" Dlamini-Zuma said.

"We are at the moment looking at alternatives

to this process.

And perhaps one of the alternatives we were looking

at is whether Government Printers could produce

the smart cards because I do not think this

was considered when the matter was given

to SITA for tender processes.

We are now looking at this possibility."

The minister's comments follow the opposition

Independent Democrats questioning the delay

in the Home Affairs Department's issuing of

the State Information Technology card,

also called the smart card.

Joe Mcgluwa, the ID Spokesperson for Home Affairs,

submitted a question, for written reply to

Dlamini-Zuma, asking why her Department had still

not issued the smart cards, despite a commitment

to start doing so from December 2008 and

a R114 million budget.

He wanted to know whether the cards will be

issued soon. "The State Information Technology

Agent (SITA) has been dragging its feet for almost

14 months, after a tender was allocated

in June 2008," Mcgluwa said.

By Mthulisi Sibanda

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