Tshimen Bwanga, African Footballer of the Year Award Winners 1973

Photo: Zaïre Flag, Tshimen Bwanga

I would rather use French but in order to broaden,

I will stick to English and hope that any misspelling

or grammar non sense will be forgiven.

In 1973, I was 7 years old.

Although young, nobody had to convince me

that Zairian soccer was one of the best on the global scale.

What was behind the poor performance of the Leopards in the World Cup?

Some sources are saying that money allocated for the players never reached them.

When you look at soccer in Kongo, in every suburbs,

they are places where kids play soccer.

The ball may not pass FIFA's standards,

boots are not compulsory,

if there is s shortage of shirts,

which is most of the time the case,

one team play with shirts their opponents without.

Fans have meetings for rehearsals in order to sing as one during games...

Thoses Kongoleses who play overseas come from those places..

1973 - 2008   35 years for seeing not

the unbelievable but Kongo winning over Cameroon..

I was proud and happy...

Kongo does not need people from outside to teach them soccer,

in Lingala, we said: ''Eza na makila''

We have to keep the momentum...

Kolo Masiya a pambola biso

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