Legalize ..

 I am not a consumer of this plant and
other artificial stimulants.

However, trade in this substance is a source
of income for some people.

When you look at the military operations
taking place in these countries.

We see the terrible statistics of casualties,
the question that comes to mind
is where does come the funding
of these machines of mass destruction?

A more productive approach would be
to make it legal, trade and consumption
of these substances,
the law would only market prices are more
affordable and thus,
a depletion of these illicit proceeds.

The mismatch between producer countries and
the countries that consumes the most,
encourages a look at this problem without qualms.

We can overnight be said that the Criminal Code
itself is the solution.

The period of Prohibition is the proof by nine
that not only taxes (I implies the state revenues)
but also the consumer end there
is a definite advantage.

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