Senate hold on ambassador threatens Boeing deal

Aubrey Cohen: Aerospace reporter

Boeing may lose a $7.5 billion jet fighter

sale to Brazil unless the

U.S. senator lifts a four- month

delay in confirming President

Barack Obama's nominee for

ambassador to the country,

Bloomberg reported Thursday.

"This will cost thousands of

U.S. jobs," Bernard Aronson,

who served as top envoy to

the region from 1989 to 1993,

told Bloomberg. "It's an insult

to Brazil to tell them they're

not important enough to have

an ambassador like so-called

advanced countries but that we

want them to buy

our planes over the French."

Aronson is one of nine ex-Assistant

Secretaries of State for the

Western Hemisphere who

yesterday sent a letter urging

Sen. George LeMieux, R-Fla.,

to stop blocking a vote on

career diplomat

Thomas Shannon's nomination,

Bloomberg reported.

Aronson said the delay may

help France's Dassault Aviation SA

beat Boeing in the competition

to sell Brazil 36 warplanes.

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