Gov’t acquires 67 modern ambulances

Prime Minister Bernard Makuza testing one
of the Ambulances Yesterday. (Photo/ J .Mbanda)


KIGALI - Government yesterday unveiled 67
state-of-the-art ambulances that will
be distributed in all district hospitals across the country.

The ambulances were yesterday unveiled by
the Prime Minister Bernard Makuza in
a function held at the Amahoro National Stadium
where the vans are currently parked awaiting distribution.

Speaking at the function, the Premier said
that the government spent over Rwf 2billion
in purchasing the ambulances.

"There was urgent need for the ambulances and
their arrival will ensure an additional support
to our health sector," said Makuza.

With the already existing ambulances,
each district hospital will now have
at least three ambulances but government
plans are to equip each district hospital
with at least five ambulances.

Makuza told directors of district hospitals to ensure
maintenance and proper handling of
the ambulances and warned that
whoever mishandles the vans will be punished.

The Minister of Health Dr. Richard Sezibera said
that the ministry intends to install
tracking devices within the ambulances
to monitor their locations.

"The software will have the capacity
to freeze the vans whenever it
is parked in illegal places," said Sezibera.

The new ambulances have basic life support systems,
installed oxygen system,
one 4 - wheeled multi- level
ambulance cot with retaining straps.


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