United, we stand

May the good Lord guide you safely
to Rwanda and Congo, so that, together
with the great people of those Nations,
you can help in building our region
into one Region.

"The Great Lakes Basin"

Which should be made up of almost
every variety of the human family.

Where there should be as before
God and the Law

No Muganda, no Acholi,
no Munyamulenge, no Muluba
no Mututsi, no Muhutu, no Muhima
no Mwiru, no Catholic, no Moslem,
no Protestant, no Pagan, no Rich,
no Poor, no Black, no White


One great people equal Rights
common Destiny
for all in the Region

May the Lord give you the unashamed courage
to believe in the highest and best ideals
of our People and enough
passionate patience to make them come true

With my Love and Prayers

Moses Kiwe Sebunya


Sent from Kigali, Rwanda

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