Rwanda’s new Ambassador off to Kinshasa



Rwanda's Ambassador to the Democratic Republic
of Congo (DRC), Amandin Rugira yesterday left
for Kinshasa to officially take up his
new ambassadorial duties as
the two nations embark on
a new chapter of diplomatic relations,
10 years after they were severed.

Rugira was the Permanent Secretary
in the Ministry of Foreign affairs,
His Congolese opposite number,
Norbert Nkulu Kilombo Mitumba,
is also expected to take up his office 'soon.'

"As for the DRC envoy, I cannot tell you
when, but our Ambassador left
for Kinshasa Friday morning.

The DRC envoy will also be
arriving very soon." confirmed
Foreign affairs Minister Rosemary Museminali.

Museminali said that the Rwandan Embassy
in Kinshasa has been open
for the last few months; save for the Ambassador
who has been around as logistical issues
were sorted out, but there has been
an official in the embassy.

His departure to the DRC capital marks yet
another milestone as the two countries embark
normalising relations which were highlighted
by a historic meeting between
Presidents Paul Kagame and Joseph Kabila of DRC.

Diplomatic relations between Rwanda and DRC
have improved since last year, and the two countries
have engaged in different activities
aimed at reviving the relations.

Among these was a joint military operation in
January against insurgents of the Democratic
Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR)
who are hiding inside the DRC.

The operation code-named Umoja Wetu (Our unity)
saw thousands of FDLR rebels and their dependants
surrender and repatriate to Rwanda,
but recent reports indicate that they
have since started regrouping.

The Economic Community of the Great
Lakes (CEPGL) which brings together
Rwanda, DRC and Burundi, was also resurrected.

Both neighbours have also agreed to jointly
exploit the abundant methane gas deposits
in Lake Kivu and convert it into energy.

Sent from Kigali, Rwanda


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