Ivorian Hemel-Fotê foundation pays homage to Agostinho Neto

Abidjan – Angola's first and late president
António Agostinho Neto was last  Saturday
paid a homage, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast,
by the "Homel-Fotê" Foundation
to  acknowledge his contribution
to humanity, Africa, and particularly Angola.


The recognition was expressed in a conference

which was part of the activity to honour

world  heroes, which was opened last Thursday

in an initiative of the Hemel-Fotê Foundation,

in  which Angolan and Ivorian experts discussed

about the work and poetry of the Angolan

nation's founder.

In the meeting, the Ivorian First Lady,

Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, who is a member

of the  managing board of the foundation,

the chairwoman of the Agostinho Neto Foundation,

Maria Eugénia Neto, and the Angolan ambassador

to Ivory Coast, praised the background

of the  Angolan nation's founder

as poet, politician, statesman and humanist.

The Angolan delegation to the event, which was led

by the widow of Agostinho Neto, Maria  Eugénia Neto,

comprises the Culture deputy minister,

Luís Kandijimbo, the secretary for  foreign affairs

of the ruling MPLA party, Paulo Jorge,

the political analyst Belarmino Van-Duném,

as well as the ambassador to

that country Gilberto Buta Lutucuta.

The Angolan delegation had a dinner which

was offered by First Lady Simone Ehivet Gbagbo,

where diplomas of honours and a distinction

were handed over to president Agostinho Neto 

for his contribution to universal history

and his fight for people's rights  to independence.

Scheduled to return to Luanda this Sunday,

the Angolan delegation paid a courtesy visit

to the headquarters of the ruling Ivorian

People's Front party, as well as

met with female MPs, among other activities.

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