Church has no "magic solution" for Africa

"The church does not have the 'magic solutions'
to Africa's problems, but accompanies Africans,"
said Bishop Fulgente Muteba Mugalu of
the Democratic Republic of Congo.

By Spero News

"The black continent is once again the focus
of the Church's concern.
It is a clear and strong sign that presents the need
for a serious reflection.

Fifteen years after the first continental Synod,
this event shows the compassion of the Church
on this world that is known for its problems,"
writes Bishop Fulgente Muteba Mugalu
of Kilwa-Kasenga, President of the Bishops' Commission
for Social Communications in the Democratic
Republic of Congo, in a message for the Second
Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops.

The Message, entitled "Compassion for Africa,"
was sent to Agenzia Fides.

Commenting on the theme of the Synod ("The Church
in Africa at the Service of Reconciliation, Justice,
and Peace"), Bishop Muteba Mugalu affirms that
"taking into account the general situation in Africa,
it is of great relevance. In fact, while people
on other continents in general enjoy peace,
development, and social progress,
African populations never end up emerging
from misery.

The evils that afflict the African peoples are
little in comparison to the economic and
political problems. Coups, constitutional revisions
in favor of a smaller political class, wars,
human rights violations, poverty, corruption,
bad governance, appropriation of public funds,
lack of potable water and electricity,
scarcity, ethnic conflicts, illnesses like AIDS,
malaria, tuberculosis, etc., illiteracy,
lack of infrastructures, unemployment,
harsh living conditions, intolerance,
tribalism, exploiting of natural resources,
manipulation, distortion of democracy, etc.
are some of the evils afflicting the continent."

Faced with this situation, the Bishop said,
"the Church is far from making itself illusions
on the so-called African problem.

Convoking this Synod, the Pope reaffirms
the conviction that the Africans themselves are
the first who should find solutions to their problems."
The Synod, says Bishop Muteba Mugalu,
"is not only a sign of the Church's humility,
but also a form of respect for the people
of the continent.

On the one hand, the Church does not have
the intention of finding magic solutions
to the pressing problems of Africa.
Instead, she wishes to express her compassion
for the suffering of so many people on
the black continent and, at the same time,
reiterate the fundamental values without which
it would be impossible to speak
of an Africa willing to walk on its own."

Coming from a country that is experiencing
conflict in its eastern regions, Bishop Muteba Mugalu
offers several considerations on the operation
of the international community for peace in Africa.

"It is becoming more evident that
some international institutions are marked
by an inefficiency and lack of credibility
in their peace-keeping missions.
It is no secret that the battalions that
the United Nations sent to the areas of conflict
in Africa did not come to bring peace.

In fact, without doubting of the good intentions
of international institutions working
for peace in Africa, one must admit that
the failures are multiplying.

The very composition of the peace troops
sent to aid victims of the conflict reflects
an ethical problem that cannot be avoided.

It would be useful if the Synod offered
a prophetic word to these institutions.
Some of these give the impression that
they make peace harder to reach,
instead of re-establishing it."

Source: FIDES

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