Congs 2 Miss Shanel, Alpha..

Ruth NIRERE aka Miss Shanel is a
female Rwandan artist born on
26 October 1985.

She started singing in her childhood
and released her two first acapela songs
entitled, "Ntituzabibagirwa"
("We'll Never Forget You") and Ndirire nde?
(who should I cry to?) as
a secondary school student in 1999
with an aim of healing broken hearts
and of course paying respect
to the victims of 1994 Tutsi genocide,
these songs continue to play
on National television each year
during the mourning period.

Later in 2004, she won a Never Again
competition on provincial level.
After she completed her secondary
studies in 2005, she released two
slow love songs: "Lonely" and
"Ngukunda Byahebuje"
("I Love You So Much").
"Ngukunda Byahebuje" became popular
for wedding videos' soundtrack.
She continued working on
different songs and collaborated with
Family Squad group in "Zuena" in 2006.

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport
sent Shanel to FESPAM (Congo Brazzaville)
in 2007.Thanks to Shanel's art work
she was nominated for the Pearl of
Africa Music Awards
three times: in 2006, 2007, 2008
and recently was nominated for
a Salax Award for the Best Female
Artist of the Year.

At the end of 2008, she released
a single "Ndarota" ("I am Dreaming")
in Zouk style. "Ndarota" has been
a hit in Rwanda ever since its release
with its video played in the
popular TV show "AFRODISIA" in Kenya
and plays on the radio and clubs
in some East African countries.

In May 2009, Shanel went to Kenya
to work on a new song in Swahili entitled
"Nakutaka" ("I Want You") featuring
Wayre ("The Love Child").
"Nakutaka" was produced by
Robert Kamanzi (Rkay).

Shanel has gathered 12 of her old
and new songs for her first album
entitled "Ndarota" which will
be available on the market
by 1st August 2009.

Shanel is also an actress.
She has had major roles in two films,
Rwanda, Le Jour Où Dieu est Parti
en Voyage (Rwanda, the Day God
Went on a Trip) produced by
Artemis and Mugho Productions in 2008 and
Long coat by Edward Bamporiki in 2009.
The Long coat script won
an award in Focus Feature/Africa
First Festival in New York.

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Sent from Kigali, Rwanda

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