Plane Crash Never Caused Financial Loss-Rwandair Boss

Gertrude Majyambere
Kigali — Rwandair has said that it did not
incur any financial losses following its
plane crash that led to the termination of
a contract with Jetlink Express a week ago.

In an exclusive interview with
Rwandairs' CEO, Gerald Zirimwabagabo,
said the national carrier has managed
maintain its sales through the code
sharing agreements with Kenya Airways,
Ethiopian airline and SN Brussels.

"In a short period, we shall manage
the situation through code sharing
though we cannot bank on it
for a long period," he said.

Rwandair terminated its contract with
Jetlink, a Kenyan based company
following the latter's aircraft crash
on November 12 at Kigali International Airport
in which one passenger died.

Rwandair had leased two CRJ 50 seater
planes from Jetlink.

The two aircrafts were operating different
routes including flights to Entebbe,
Nairobi Kilimanjaro, Bujumbura
and Johannesburg.

Rwandair has also decided to acquire
another Dash8 from ALS Airline in Kenya
to supplement its private 37 seater Dash8 w
hich is now operating most of the routes
apart from Johannesburg.

The Johannesburg route is expected
to resume late next month.
Zirimwabagabo disclosed that Rwandair is
not liable to pay any money to Jetlink Express
because the fault was
not theirs (Rwandair).

"The contract provided for such
incidences (discontinuity)," he added.

The company is in the final stages
of purchasing its own two aircrafts
from Lufthansa Airline by
mid December, 2009.

According to Zirimwabagabo, Lufthansa
will be hired to do maintenance work
on Rwandair planes within Rwanda
to trim costs of flying them
outside the country.

The CEO pledged safety and best services
by hiring the most experienced
pilots around the world.

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