Uganda Baati in Rwanda
Wednesday, 12th November, 2008

By Kiganda Ssonko 

UGANDA Baati, one of the leading steel products manufacturer, has opened a $2m (sh4b) plant in Kigali, Rwanda, Rakesh Bhatnagar, the managing director, has said.

Speaking at the company headquarters in Kampala Industrial Area on November 11, he said the firm, Safintra Rwanda, would make similar products as its mother company.

�Safintra Rwanda started a few weeks back.

�We manufacture the same products like those made here, except for the galvanised items which we have not gone into.

The company produces steel materials like iron sheets, pipes, wire mesh and angle bars.

He said they were expanding to Rwanda because of its favourable investment environment and policies that would allow the growth of the steel sector.

�Uganda�s steel industry is becoming weaker compared to other East African countries because of lack of friendly policies.

�There is no stamp duty in Rwanda, no taxes on imported raw materials, minimal bureaucracy and easy access to financing of development projects,� he said.

He said the Rwanda plant was producing for domestic consumption for the start but would go into exports once it expands in future.

�We shall increase production for wider markets in countries like Burundi and parts of Eastern DR Congo,� he said.

Uganda Baati is a member of the Safal Group of companies, the largest manufacturer of metal roofing products in eastern and central Africa and the leading producer of roofing products in Africa.

The Safal Group also has galvanising lines and aluminium firms in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

and l as Aluminium-Zinc and Colour Coating lines in Kenya. Safal is the first organisation in Africa to have set up the Aluminium-Zinc coating technology.

Source: Kiganda Ssonko , The New Vision

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