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Federalism will end graft - Lukyamuzi

ADOPTING a federal government will rid the country of

corruption, the Conservative Party (CP) president,

John Ken Lukyamuzi, has said.

Lukyamuzi said the system would enable all the regions

in the country to manage their own resources.

This, he noted, would narrow down

the socio-economic imbalance.

One of the reasons our country is suffering from

corruption is that the leaders lack morals.

Each region should be empowered to groom leaders, Lukyamuzi argued.

He was discussing a paper on why Uganda

needs federalism, at the Islamic University in

Uganda in Mbale on Tuesday.

Lukyamuzi said the NRM Government was hesitant

to grant the people federalism because of the fear that

the President's authority to distribute national resources would be trimmed.

Each region has unique resources from which they

can collect revenue and remit a percentage to the central government.

The west has crude oil, Bugisu has arabica coffee,

Karamoja has gold and there's tobacco in West Nile, he said.

But a few people in the Government are enjoying

these resources at the expense of the owners.

Joseph Kony's LRA, Alice Lakwena's Holy Spirit Movement

and the ADF in western Uganda, Lukyamuzi remarked,

were violent expressions against regional imbalance.

Today, a region has to be loyal to Museveni if it is to

share the national cake, he noted.

When I come to power, I will get rid of such politics.

Ssemusu Mugobansonga, the young conservative's

secretary general, said they had registered over

1,000 members in Gulu, Jinja, Mbale, Luweero and Kiboga.

He said they would embark on a countrywide campaign.

Source: Daniel Edyegu, http://www.newvision.co.ug

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