Twenty global leaders for Kigali

Photo: President Kagame shakes hands with Masters briefly

after their meeting at Urugwiro Village yesterday. (Photo PPU)


Twenty global leaders for

Kigali Sullivan Summit next year  


URUGWIRO VILLAGE - About 20 Heads of State and

over 5000 delegates are expected to attend

the upcoming Leon H. Sullivan Summit expected

to be held in Rwanda next year.

The Leon H. Sullivan Summit brings together

the world's political and business leaders,

delegates representing national and

international civil and multi-national organisations,

and members of academic institutions

in order to focus attention and resources

on Africa's economic and social development.

Speaking at Urugwiro Village after meeting

with President Paul Kagame,

Carl Masters who heads the technical team

of the Summit said; "the Summit in Rwanda

will focus more on agriculture, education,

tourism, energy, investments and

trade opportunities."

The Summit was established by

the late Rev. Leon H. Sullivan in 1991

to bridge the business gap between

Africans and African Americans in

the United States of America.

Masters added that it will be a great opportunity

for Rwandan and US investors

to explore opportunities in both countries

and also assist and benefit local traders

in Rwanda who will be given an opportunity

to trade and exhibit their goods during the event.

Masters was accompanied to his meeting

with the President by senior technical staff

of Leon H. Sullivan Foundation who

are preparing the high level Summit expected

to take place mid next year.

Masters pointed out that the Summit will

help forge partnerships between

African and American entrepreneurs

aimed at beneficial knowledge and expertise sharing.

"In our preparations, we are looking at having

a chartered planes coming direct from

Washington to Kigali aboard 1500 delegates

while the majority of other delegates

will fly in Kigali from different African countries,"

revealed Masters.

Meanwhile, Francis Gatare,

the Principal Deputy CEO of

Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

said that it would be a great opportunity

for Rwandan traders to generate revenues

for the mega summit.

"We expect the hospitality sector to make use

of the event and traders will have an opportunity

to generate more revenues;

we are also looking at long term opportunities

like partnerships and investments opportunities,"

said Gatare who also attended

the delegation's meeting with the President.

Leon H. Sullivan Summits have previously

been held in eight other African countries,

the first one was held in Ivory Coast

while the most recent one was held in Tanzania.

The Summits also raise the world's consciousness

on the importance of Africa as a global citizen

and a viable world player in the economic arena.


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