Ghana, DR Congo to revive tourism agreement

The Government of Ghana and the Democratic
Republic of Congo will soon revive an agreement
that would enable the two countries
to share experiences in the tourism sector.


The agreement, signed about 30 years ago,

would promote the conservation of endangered

species that are otherwise killed for game purposes.


DR Congo has a lot of baboons and other wildlife,

which they battle to preserve and

Ghana also believes in conservation,

Mr Kwabena Akyeampong, Deputy Minister

of Tourism, said when the Head of Mission f

or DR Congo, Ms Marie-Jean Wayikam Ukurango,

called on him to discuss how to revive the agreement.


Mr Akyeampong said the agreement needed

to be re-tooled and re-fashioned to be

in line with present day needs and

called for more collaboration between

the two countries especially in

the areas of language learning.


Ms Ukurango recalled that Ghana and DR Congo

had a long standing relationship since the time

of late President Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah

and now that her country had re-opened

its embassy in Ghana she would personally

work to ensure that the two countries

shared a lot of experiences

especially in the tourism sector.


"I will make efforts to raise the level of

French-speaking in Ghana through

an exchange programme," she said.


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