Hans-Rudolf Merz apologies to Libya

(I got you, you hold me by the goatee ...)

Switzerland knees before Qaddafi, Switzerland
capitulated; surrender, humiliation,
these are reviews are nearly unanimous
in the Press Romande after
President of the Confederation
Hans-Rudolf Merz,
apologized to Libya
for the arrest of Hannibal Gaddafi.

"In this crisis, Switzerland loses
more than his honor.
Is dryly referred to
its spectacular isolation.

No country friend had come
to his rescue,
Note "Le Temps".

A view shared by "Le Matin"

"Switzerland seems so weak
internationally that even when
is right, this tiny country
must bow down. "

"The toll of Operation Hannibal
is devastating, "full" 24 Hours ".

Many newspapers also observe
that Switzerland does
not even guarantee
in writing that two citizens
still being held in Tripoli will
leave the country soon.

Merz said the Libyan authorities
had promised that the two
Swiss businessmen detained
on Libyan territory could return home.

Consular activities
and trade between the two countries
will resume,
air links included said
Federal Department of Finance.

The Department further states
Bern and Tripoli agreed
establish "an arbitral tribunal
independent "to investigate
the circumstances of the arrest
of Hannibal Gaddafi in Geneva.

Libyan Prime Minister has on his side
said the apology "official
and solemnity of the Confederation were
a "first step" to resolve
the dispute between the two countries.

The son of Muammar Gaddafi and
his wife Aline, who was pregnant,
were arrested in July 2008 in Hotel
where they were staying after
a complaint for abuse
by two of their servants.
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